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The blues have been a part of the musical landscape since the 1860's.

It's a sound that is timeless.

The music originated from African American roots and traditional spiritual songs.

From there, the blues transitioned into clubs and juke joints as musical instruments like guitars, basses and drums evolved.

Blues pioneers like Sonny Boy Williamson, Robert Johnson and many more led the way.

As the blues evolved, so did the musicians and the equipment.

Acoustic guitars gave way to Fender Stratocasters and Marshall amplifiers.

New blues artists like Eric Clapton, Humble Pie, Foghat and others led the English Blues movement and bluesrock was born.

Every decade, blues bands like ZZ Top and Powder Blues and names like Jeff Healey, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Colin James and more arrived on the scene.

Even now, new names like Joe Bonamassa, Christone "Kingfish" Ingram, Jimmy Graham, Richie Kotzer, Samantha Fish, and more are taking bluesrock to new levels.

So no matter whether your a new fan or have been playing the blues all your life, this site is for you.

The blues is timeless and we are here to carry the torch!

We invite you to check out all the videos, pictures, quotes and stories on our bluesrock music website.
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